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In Show
31Jan 11

Welcome Home Irvine
Something to Say
Kastljós For a Minor Reflection Höldum í átt að óreiðu
Pretty Picture Frame Holly Long Frequency
Seed In The Ground Jason Spooner Sea Monster
Lay Me Down Leslie DiNicola It Resembles Fiction
Faith Rider IMARi ToNES Victory In Christ
Remainder – nevereven Michael Carlos
Eight Feet Tall Six Feet Wide Urbansnake Whiteknuckle
Jimmy Boots Fetish Brain Surgeons NYC Denial of Death
high chase speed Daisy Grenades

New Sideburn album Preview

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In Show
31Jan 11

Good_Evening_London        Madeira
out of sadness        oliver philpott    fukuoka run EP    No_Boys_In_The_Ballroom        Scarlet_Grey
Head_Shot_At_The_Ballet_Recital        Thats_Outrageous

Apocolypse of Joan        The Unsatisfied    Belt Master
Geography, Vonnegut And Me        Fireworks    All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion
Broken Heart        Black Lab    Passion Leaves a Trace    Rock
Snake Oil Salesman        Black Betty

In Show
9Jan 11

Big balls Airlines
A Year In Passing        A Hero A Fake    Let Oceans Lie
Sleeper        The Swellers    Ups and Downsizing
Betrayed        Sum Ever After
Changes        David Bowie
Candy Caine        DC4    Explode
Assassin        Conflict Within
Ghost In The Machine        Violent Divine    Violent Divine
In Line To Die        Jeremy Rowe    Where The Truth Lies
Status Quo        Ocean Blvd    The Other Side Of Paradise
Emeline        Alyse Black    Too Much Too Lovely
The Architect        Before There Was Rosalyn    The Fürher [An Allegory Of A History Of Deception]

ac lens
Gangster lover        SIDEBURN
White Trash        The Unsatisfied
Shooting in 60        Telling On Trixie    Ugly, Broke & Sober
Birthday Dethday        Dethklok    The Dethalbum
Dos Cuerpos        Dead Earth Politics
DATDindiechatt        Derek and the Darling
Lucky Lola        Derek and the Darling    Rockface
Detroit        Fireworks    All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion
50,000 Unstoppable Watts (Radio Edit)    3:45    Clutch    Promo EP

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