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In Show
28Nov 10

Rebound Sex Thing        Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge    Contrary Radio
Customs & Exersize        pilgrim speakeasy
Greylight        Tragic Orange    Tragic Orange
light the fuse        Evervigilant
Specialis        Patience    Just Wait
Mistake Me Home        Ash Avenue    And Then We Ignite
Shooting in 60        Telling On Trixie    Ugly, Broke & Sober
Mr. Sulfane        Within The Eddy    Breaking Axioms

“Kind Ghosts” haunt Derek Nicoletto’s debut solo LP by Derek Nicoletto — Kickstarter.

Maybe It’s You        Janus    Red Right Return
On The Rocks        Led Zeppelin    Lez Zeppelin
Fire It Up        Black Label Society
Out To Get You        bloodsimple    Red Harvest
02 I Want You        Kelly Richey    Carry The Light
Gangster lover        SIDEBURN
Baby Baby Baby        EndeverafteR    Kiss or Kill
We Gave It Hell        36 Crazyfists    The Tide And Its Takers
Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (feat. Diplo)        The Death Set    ‘Michel Poiccard’ Album Released Early 2011 on Counter Records!
Give        nevereven    Give/Remainder    Rock

In Show
14Nov 10

Plague of Lies        Brain Surgeons NYC    Denial of Death
Where_Youre_At        What’s Wrong With Dave    Greatest Hits
Your Supremacy        Piranah
VICIOUS CIRCLES WEB        Always April
Sorry, Sweetheart    3:45    Last November    All the Gory Details…
Detroit        Fireworks    All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion
I’m Gone        FiGO    FiGO
Run Away    3:17    Legend Has It

ac lens
Hustler with a Rescue Plan        Derek and the Darling    Rockface
Halfway Back to Sane        Telling On Trixie    Telling On Trixie
Call Me        Daydream On Autopilot    Better Off Alone – EP
Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters & The Story Of A Lonely Girl        Lostprophets    Liberation Transmission
Boys! Grab Your Guns        My American Heart    Hiding Inside The Horribe Weather
Goodbye        Army Of Anyone    Army Of Anyone
Whole Lotta Love        Led Zeppelin    Lez Zeppelin    Rock
I Wanna Be Your Man        EndeverafteR    Kiss or Kill
Eyesore        Janus    Red Right Return
Save Me        Burn Halo    Burn Halo
It Doesn’t Seem To Matter    3:52    Army Of Anyone    Army Of Anyone

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