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S2E52:And So It Begins

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25Sep 10

Fava Beans    1:37    Jerky Boys    All Time  Greatest Hits
✓    Happy Ever Afterlife    3:39    Violent Divine    In Harm’s Way
✓    7.Suffocation    3:29    Losing September    Riches AN Biatches
✓    Becoming Someone Else    4:07    Painkiller Hotel    Black Roses
Two Weeks    4:17    All That Remains    Overcome
08_Sugar_and_Spring    3:43    Edible Red
✓    Old Man    3:24    James McCartney    Available Light
✓    between the pavement and the sky    3:31    an all new low    goodbye, radio
Dull Boy    4:15    Mudvayne    By The People, For The People

S2E51:Big Hair And All

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18Sep 10

Shine        De Van    Planet Botox
Raised On Rock n’ Roll        Distorted Wonderland    Distorted Wonderland
Badge And A Gun        Mama Kin    In the City
Inflicted Shame        Oblivious Signal
Dangerous        Pump    Against Everyone’s Advice
Can’t Fall Down        Snake Eyes Seven    13 Crows

Lost Reality        Triggersoul    Restoration
Never Had Nothing        Distorted Wonderland    Distorted Wonderland

S2E50:Where Were You?

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11Sep 10

Where_Youre_At    2:54    What’s Wrong With Dave    Greatest Hits✓
So Much    2:41    Asiah Mehok    Love & the Carousel
Stand in the Rain (mp3)    3:46    Homebrew    Malty Goodness
Black Rainbow    3:32    Tomorrow’z End    The End Of Tomorrow
08 08 08 08 08 It’s O.K. by Me    2:49    Jon Hartmann    GEORGE BUSH     SINGS
02 I Want You    3:32    Kelly Richey    Carry The Light
Satisfied    3:38    Social Code    Rock N Roll    Rock
What I Want    1:35    Candy Hearts    Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams
Elenor Rigby    4:02    Godhead    2000 Years of Human Error
Cherry Red    3:04    Sideburn    Cherry Red


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5Sep 10

Comin to you live from the mean streets of the Scenic City,all the way from Chattavegas,it’s Indie Radio Chattanooga,we’re rockin out with Independent music from around the world,and from our own backyard

A_Scalpels_Precision    3:44    Finespun    Fracture
Fragile    3:45    Joe Hero
Frontline    3:55    Rogue Thief    The History Of Things To Come
Jimmy Boots Fetish    3:49    Brain Surgeons NYC    Denial of Death
Ball Game Beating    2:54    Jerky Boys    All Time  Greatest Hits
Benediction    4:00    PhaZer    Revelations
ac lens
Hide Island    2:47    Miss Crazy    Miss Crazy
Overloaded    2:57    Diablo Royale    Diablo Royale

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