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S2E44:Vacation Time!

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27Jul 10

I Come To You    4:17    Never Surrender    Never Surrender
On Your Knees    3:11    serenity’s end
Track 01    3:23
ixwebhosting    0:30
Godspeed    2:38    Chaotic Theory
Worthy Adversary    5:13    Black Betty
Broken Heart    3:19    Black Lab    Passion Leaves a Trace
Cemetery Dates    4:24    Farewell To Freeway    Only Time Will Tell    Rock
reconnect    4:59    all fear aside
One night stand    4:14    Sum Ever After
Turn It Up!    3:37    Brother Love    Turn It Up!

S2E43:What,Me Worry?

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20Jul 10

Comin to you live from the mean streets of the Scenic City,all the way from Chattavegas,it’s Indie Radio Chattanooga,we’re rockin out with Independent music from around the world,and from our own backyard.

Blow Away    3:54    Munk (2)    Severed
Rip it up    3:21    SIDEBURN
Pattern of Life    3:24    Opposite Box    What Am I?
angieslist    1:20
The Warrior    3:01    Before There Was Rosalyn    The Fürher [An Allegory Of A History Of Deception]
One Bouquet    3:35    Jeremy
SoccerGirl    3:04    Brother Love    Turn It Up!

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13Jul 10

ac lens    1:07
Track 01    3:23    Smoke n Mirrors
Call Me    3:38    Naked Hearts    Mass Hysteria
indiedradioCHATT    0:30
All Over Town    2:58    TEAM ROCKIT
Ms. Contradiction    3:06    Patience    Just Wait
Undress You Down    3:17    Justin Hopkins And The Guilt    Vol.1 Here Goes Nothing
Secret    3:22    Megan Paige    Megan Paige
4Walls1Window    3:00    Finespun


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6Jul 10

Energy    3:12    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle
Orphan    3:35    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle
Whiteknuckle    2:43    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle
Blow Shit Up    2:42    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle
Bonus    3:28    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle
Bulldozer    2:36    Urbansnake    Whiteknuckle

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