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23Apr 10

lifelock 0:25
The Other    3:28    Kevin Lee    Moodu Sunshine    3:32    Black Shades
Occam’s Razor    4:08    Tragic Orange    Tragic Orange
Brutal Backhand Promo    0:27
Once Before    3:50    Godhead    The Shadow Line    Industrial
Kill the King    4:40    9th Evolution    The Life Atomic
Forged By Fire    4:13    Horns Of Moses
The Hollywood Rx    4:15    Midnight Reign    Never Look Back
Dont you waste your time on me    4:17    Ashton Cut
This Letter Bomb    3:33    Echo Screen    Euphoria

Our Song    3:27    Disarmed
lunafire    4:10    iChoRa    Veins Of Light
Brutal Backhand Promo
On The Move [Demo]    3:55    Mudvayne    By The People, For The People
Rock N’ Roll    3:53    Led Zeppelin    Lez Zeppelin    Rock
Tomorrow Never Comes    4:22    Lizzy Borden    Appointment with Death
Itch in Bitch    4:53    Hypno-Wheel    About…Time
Barracuda    3:51    Nick Black
4Walls1Window    3:00    Finespun
Spiders    2:24    Queen Anne’s Revenge
Casanova    2:35    Diablo Royale    Diablo Royale

Godaddy Prmotional Codes

Radio Bee

we are now available on radio bee on your smartphone
How your listeners can download and activate the free promo version :

1. They need to start the internet browser on their phones  (not browsers on their computers!) and go to

2. They will see a list of supported platforms – they need to select the platform and click on the corresponding link. (More versions for more platforms will be added in the following weeks).
3. After clicking, the promo version of radioBee will be installed over the air on their phones
4. When they start the promo version, it will ask for promo code. 123500. After they enter the number, the radioBee will start to work in demo mode. It will be loaded with your station only and will show your logo in the beginning.

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10Apr 10

S2E30:Happy Easter/iPad Day

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5Apr 10

don’t piss me     off    Evervigilant
Exhole        Guards of Metropolis    Alligator
Zyghost        Feral Children    Feral Children EP
Lack of Communication        Violent Divine
Brutal Backhand Promo
Greed        Verismo    Greed -EP    Metal
I Wanna Be Your Man       EndeverafteR    Kiss or Kill
SoccerGirl        Brother Love    Turn It Up!
Turn It Up!        Brother Love    Turn It Up!

ac lens

enter the ipad

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3Apr 10

So this is the first post from an iPad,and frankly I’m digging it pretty well. It will be a game changer for sure. typing thus far is just as fluid as using a regular keyboard, I really don’t think I’ll need the
Bluetooth keyboard dock,but time will tell. A case is a must have just for the fact that it feels,not so much heavy but solid. It’s unibody design is aluminum and glass and feels like if it were to drop it would either dent break or worse break a toe if dropped upon.
The ebook reader looks fantastic,as I have already replaced one of my books with the app,it will definitely replace traditional books for me,and comics books are up next. So far only older edition of comic books seems to be available hopefully marvel will change that going forward.
Next up the video,it looks fantastic and very fluid,I have not attempted to watch any of the movies I have bought,but I did use the abc app for streaming episodes of Jimmy kümmel,looks and sounds really well.
I logged into my mobile me gallery,which was only the iPod touch edition,but it looked really good when I doubled it’s size,sin the photos are full size anyway.
The drop box app too is only the iPod touch edition,but it’s files anyway so why would it matter if it were smaller.
Im really looking forward to gaming on the iPad,it’s really the reason I haven’t bought a psp yet,only time will tell. I will discuss this on the show along with the previous post and why the sevendust show was removed. For now,happy iPod day and happy Easter!

So you’re probably wondering where the last show went,well I’ll tell you,ABC-PR gave us permission to review the new Sevendust record,and so we did in the fashion that we always do. Yesterday I got a take down notice from Warner Bros. Apparently They aren’t in sync with each other,so in order to avoid losing,oh everything I own,I took it down. Whatever,we have lots of music that is equally as good if not better. Also in the same hour we were informed Nutrisystem left Mevio as a sponsor so I took that off as well. Thus is a day in the life of a Podcaster.

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