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1.The Gidgets Ga Ga-Good Enough-The Big Bong Fiasco-Chicago

2.Jones Deviation-Slaps Night Out New Zealand- 2/3 of the JJ fm crew
3.Kinky Retro-Pray 2 No.! Demons and Angels Manchester ,UK-kinky

4 Liquoroxx ask me to stop-Chicago Illinois-
5.Verismo-Give I Back-Greed E.P.-Brooklyn NY
6.Violent Divine-Blackheart-Sweden

In Show
21Aug 09

A new beginning! Welcome to the first Show of the second season. I didn’t have my audio set up going so I was using a headset mic,but the audio will be back to it’s expectations next week. The Music however is as rockin as ever so hold on tight and don’t quit now!
Blow Shit Up 2:42 Urbansnake Whiteknuckle
Call Me 3:05 Daydream On Autopilot Better Off Alone
Geography, Vonnegut And Me-Fireworks All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion
Cracked Harmonies 2:25 Officer Roseland Stimulus Package
01 Nation Hollow Mind 3:41 Shadowside Dare to Dream

In Show
21Aug 09

The Lost Episode!

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14Aug 09

Here is the last episode we made before our hiatus…..wait what? Lemme explain. around December of 2008 I went from a part time job to a full time job working second shift 40hrs a week 5 days a week.Now I know you’re saying..”So!” I know I know but I think I’ve got my sleeping schedule all straigtened out and m lovely little girl is about to turn two,so I think I can put this train back on the tracks! Stay tuned for more announcements and check back frequesntly for your musical updates,until then…Don’t forget to subscribe!

The Lost Episode

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14Aug 09

The last show before we went on Hiatus,look for new shows coming soon!!!\n
Mevio {Mevio-d026a07ca3a6dd1268855d82f5d45591}

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Indie Radio Chattanoooga : The Lost Episode

4 Inkjets

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8Aug 09

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