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Pissed Off Prima Donna

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27Jan 09

Ocam’s Razor-Tragic Orange
The Puppet-Godhead
Snake Oil Salesman-Black Betty
Curse Me When You Leave-The Radio Fix
Spread Your Wings-Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge

The Way-Hypnowheel

Love Me When I Leave-The Dares
Jesus Had Breakfast In Bed-Last November
Loss Time-Under Smoking Doors
Crazy Vibrator Sex-Killola

Swiss,Glam and Drunk

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20Jan 09

Mr Sulfane,Very Well-Within The Eddy

Soul Moon-Ravenland

Die For Glory-Hellish War

Windy City Radio Promo

Heart Hides-The Bourjuis

Bad Girl-Spades Cooley

Zona Arida-Uganga

Brutal Backhand Promo

UCRadio Promo

Gangster Lover-Sideburn

Can’t Get Enough-Miss Crazy

My Point Of View-Damage

Driving On Empty-Sound Side

Haze-John Wilkes Booth

Disarmed and Unplugged

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13Jan 09
About Disarmed
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Disarmed originally began in the fall of 2004 when Chad met Ashley at Berry College. After living in Atlanta, and playing as an acoustic rock act for three years, the duo moved to Knoxville, Tennessee for a new start in 2008.

Knoxville brought a bit of momentum to the band when they added two new members to the mix, Allyn Crabtree (bass) and John Furnari (drums). Each member of the band is from a different musical background and brings their own individual style and set of influences to the table. Disarmed is inspired by everything from rock, punk, blues, jazz, classical and country and although they are widely accepted as an “alternative rock” group, they do not like to restrict themselves to one genre.

The band has been together for a few months now and has celebrated several milestones – including the completion of their debut EP Open Your Eyes, released August 23, 2008.

For booking, contact Ashley Grennor

Mr.Sulfane-Within The Eddy
Freedom-Big Bang
Crystal Tower-Lumina
Brutal Backhand
Gambling On Rock-Retarded
L.O.V.E.-Brian “Head” Welch
I Never Got Over You-The Black Angel
Elbow Culture-The Heys
Driving On Empty-Soundside

Godaddy Discount Codes

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2Jan 09

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