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The V-Project

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28Oct 08

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Gasoline, Only .35 cents a gallon! Ages ago in some other galaxy you say? Actually, it was the 70’s and 80’s, and for guitarist David Vaccaro the galaxy was ”The Hub of The Universe” which, (as anyone from the area knows) is the city of Boston.

The Cars, The J Geils Band, Aerosmith, Till Tuesday, The Jon Butcher Axis, The Neighborhoods, Beaver Brown, The WBCN Rock’n Roll Rumble/Battle of the Bands …to say it was a good time to be in a band and playing live around Boston simply does not paint the picture of just how exciting the Boston music scene was.

Blues-fueled Melodic Rock for the 21st Century featuring Platinum Recording Artist Robin McAuley.
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21Oct 08

Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge are a New York City band whose four members come from extremely varied backgrounds. But upon hearing them you get the impression they’ve known each other for a lifetime or more.
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14Oct 08

Rivercity Hustlers-Moon Dogs-Chattanooga,TN
The Radio Fix-Curse Me When You Leave-Marietta,GA
Kinky Retro-For You-Bornem / Manchester,Belgium
Uncrowned-Remember Your Ghost-ATLANTA, Georgia
Michael Stollaire-Watch Her Walk-Los Angeles, California
SMI -Thrown Down-Chattanooga,TN
Mournblade-Machines Of War-Highland Park, California
Evervigilant-Light The Fuse-Springcity,TN
Black Betty-Snake Oil Salesman-Chattanooga,TN
Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge-Spread Your WIngs-New York
HypnoWheel-The Way-Chattanooga,TN

Hardcore Sammich

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7Oct 08

Tragic Orange-Grey Light-New York
vproject-Somebody Like You-boston,mass
Echo Screen-This Letter Bomb-Brick,New Jersey
Conducting From The Grave-Improper Burial-Sacremento Clifornia-Manchester,CT
All Fear Aside-Decor-wasau-wisconsin
Godspeed-Chaotic Theory-manasses,va
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Caught Down-Annapolis, MD
Career Club-Old Fashioned-Brooklyn, NY
Mark Williams-Airwaves-Stroudsburg, PA
Spin-Not In Love-Philadelphia,PA
Jeremy Rowe-Northern Star-Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
Charlie Wheeler Band-Highway Run-Ridgway, PA
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