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Last November

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30Sep 08

Luke Pilgrim – Guitar & Vocals
Tyler Ayers – Bass
Taylor Woodruff – Drums & Vocals
Zach Baxter – Keys/Gtr & Vocals

Last November is a diverse brew of quirky yet memorable pop rock accompanied by honest and thought provoking lyrics. Their ever growing internet presence, coupled with word-of-mouth from devoted fans, is pushing this young Atlanta band to true heights.

Under the guidance of platinum-selling producer Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel, Oleander, Pixies, As Tall as Lions), Last November’s new album, Over the Top or Under the Weather, delivers on the promise of the group’s impressive 2006 debut album, All the Gory Details, which was featured on The Real World, and other MTV shows, as well as garnering multi-formatted airplay on over 200 radio stations.

When we were in high school we used to sit around with acoustic guitars singing songs from Brand New’s, Deja Entendu, remembers Last November’s vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Luke Pilgrim. Working with the man who produced that record was a pretty surreal experience for us.

Luke Pilgrim, who began performing when he was 11, wrote most of the songs for the first album when he was still 15, and produced that disc himself. Now with a few more years under his belt, he brings an added maturity and experience to his writing. On Over the Top or Under the Weather, Steven Haigler’s sparkling production concentrates the band’s highly melodic vocals within edgy guitar inventions like The Bumper Sticker Song,the album’s first single and video.

The Bumper Sticker Song is really about finding someone who can love you in spite of all your flaws, weird hang ups, disorders, and overall neurotic, obsessive nature, says Pilgrim. I actually get emails from people asking if I really have A.D.D and O.C.D. I usually just tell them those are only a couple of my many disorders.

On the new CD, rockers like the wry Jesus Had Breakfast in Bed and Butter Me Up, with its Leslie-fied touches, demonstrate an astounding growth for Last November, while the superb Sunday Afternoon creates a lush landscape of baroque pop that is both hauntingly catchy and intelligent. Besides Luke Pilgrim on lead vocals and guitar, the band includes Tyler Ayers on bass; Zach Baxter on guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Taylor Woodruff on drums and vocals.

Over the Top or Under the Weather is Last November’s second release on Southern Tracks Records, the independent label founded by legendary music publisher Bill Lowery. It was recorded and mixed at the renowned Southern Tracks Studio in Atlanta, home to such artists as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Train, The Bravery, and Bruce Springsteen, and mastered by Rodney Mills (Butch Walker, Pearl Jam, Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.).

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25Sep 08

Blog talk radio were gonna be talking indie music,so make sure to tune in. Friday Sept 26 at 10am.

Listen to ibuysss.comMagazine on internet talk radio

Show 69

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23Sep 08

Wow! Looks like we made it all the way! 69 episodes for your audio pleasure. Here are the songs we played this week!
Pink Elephants-Della Vale-New Jersey
Loss For Words-Soundside-Glencove,NY
Grey Light-Tagic Orange-New York
Love Me When I Leave-The Dares-Whitier California
Breathe-Woodfish-Redbank,New Jersey

Pretty little Girl-The Silent Treatment-Wilkes-Barre,PA
Let It Roll-Incamaya-Jacksonville,FL
FSU-Avoiding X-Superior,Wisconsin

Bring It On-Jonutis-Chandler,Arizona
Sep-a-Rate-Mindsight(From The New Album)
Live show every Saturday night at 10pm see the website for details

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The TLP Network is Currently Suspending Operations to Help Out with the Disaster Recovery Effort in Houston, TX, USA. This Post is from an Organization Seeking Help That We Have Offered Assistance To.

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Back To Basics

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15Sep 08

Piranha-Nashville,TN  Stupidity
Ion Prophecy-Chattanooga–Reflection
Sideburn-Switzerland-Ghost of 1980
Circle Of Thieves-Pasco,Florida-Vaporizer
Feral Children-Seattle-Zyghost
12 Stones-Louisiana
Worth Dying For-Modesto,California-Let It out
Twilight Dementia-Virginia-Deliverance
The Heys-UK-Friday Night
Mindsight-Steal This Moment
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9Sep 08

Power, energy, intensity. Ever since the beginning, in 2001, Shadowside could be defined by their attitude and passion for Rock and Metal music. Combined with that, are the distinct backgrounds of the four band members. Coming from a musical past of Punk Rock, Thrash and Glam Metal and having very unique personalities they discovered two points in common between them all when they first got together: the love for making music and courage to take risks and pursue goals and dreams. Featuring Dani Nolden, one of the most powerful, intense yet melodic female vocals ever heard and almost supernatural charisma, they leave fans totally enthralled night after night with a highly vigorous performance.


Nation Hollow Mind

In The Night

Baby In The Dark


Shadow Dance

Vampire Hunter


We Want A Miracle


Queen Of The Sky

Red Storm

In The Night

Back To Basics

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6Sep 08

Ok gang,here it is. I have decided to go back to the way I was doing podcasts before,from my home studio. The quality is better and I can control the atmosphere better. Starting Tuesday after this post,I will be doing so,kicking it all off with my follow up interview with Shadowside. I will still be doing my Saturday night FM Radio shows,I just won’t be posting them in this feed. I may post them in their own feed. So tell your neighbors,tell your friends,we are going back to basics and producing shows the way we used to.

-Jimi Lee

Of Famine And Chance

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2Sep 08

Local band Of Famine and Chance Stopped by to chat and tell us about livestock,and what they’ve been up to.

Other Music Played:

Blood Red Sun-Pray For Rain
Last November-Jesus Had Breakfast In Bed
Fono-Too Broken To Break
Of Famine and Chance
Hide and Seek
We Are The War
Dance Tonight

Of Famine And Chance

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