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5Aug 08

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Anihilated evolved from their early Punk roots into a Thrash metal band in the early 1980’s at the same time when Metallica and Slayer w

ere first making their mark on the brand new American Thrash scene.

After inclusions on two successful Punk compilation albums, Anihilated turned towards a more faster and metallic sound, a product of the massive influence that the Americans were having on them and soon released their first EP called “Path To Destruction” which was a raw example of Punk/Metal/crossover.

These were the days before the Internet when bands relied on fanzines, letters and gigs to promote themselves. Anihilated featured heavily in fanzines and on bootleg recordings all over the world and soon became very well known in the underground scene.

Although their musical style had changed, they upheld their Punk ideals and beliefs. This put off many record labels as they wanted bands with “Heavy Metal” persona’s. It was a frustrating time for the band but they defiantly refused to give in to corporate pressures to change. After a number of high profile gigs, they gained the recognition they deserved, and emerged as one of the main forerunners and innovators of Thrash Metal in the UK. Their first album “Created In Hate”, was described by Metal Forces Magazine as “the most important UK Thrash metal release to date”.

Anihilated spent the next year out on the road before returning to the studio to record their second album “The Ultimate Desecration. This was widely regarded as their best studio album.

Interest in Anihilated remained very strong and even with no new releases in over 18 years, they have been giving interviews and appearing in magazines and publications worldwide. The band are being featured in a new book about the history of UK Thrash Metal and Hardcore by renowned British author Ian Glasper which is being published later this year.

Anihilated have re-released “Path To Destruction” through Japanese label “In Crust We Thrash” distributed by Aktiva//Protesta Rekordo. This version includes the “Speedwell demos” of 1984. The “Created In Hate” and “The Ultimate Desecration” albums are being re-released under licence, these have been completely repackaged and digitally enhanced and will include some live tracks. They will be out in August

After overwhelming support from fans and demands to reform, Anihilated are writing new material again for a brand new album to be released later this year. They are re-connecting with their old faithful following, and building a brand new army of fans via the Internet.
T-shirts and other merchandise will soon be available.
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