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In Show
29Jul 08

Thank you to VD Records for coming on board,Thank you so much for your support and please if you like the show,consider visiting one of our sponsors on the sponsors page or just click the donate button for our convenience. There will be no live show Saturday Aug 2,but there will be a prerecorded show. You can hear it at WAAK 94.7. Hear the interview I did with Bod from Anihilated before it comes out on the podcast!

Here are the bands we featured this week.

No Needle-Vinyl
Pray For Rain-Blood Red Sun
Loss Time-Under Smoking Doors
No Rest For The Wicked-Anihilated
Gangster Lover-Sideburn
Invincible-The Good Luck Joes
Hard To Find-Romantacide
Playing Dead-Spin
Nameless-The Seeded Planet
Cradle-The Shipmen Project
Enslaved-Violent Divine
Crazy Vibrator Sex-Killola

In Show
20Jul 08

If you downloaded the hollowpages post,you actually heard show 55 again,This is now fixed,sorry for the error!!!! Please go back and listen to the Hollowpages interview,these kids are really working hard to get there!
-Jimi Lee

Waak on The IRC

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In Show
15Jul 08

This is from our weekly live show on WAAK 94.7 in Ringgold,Ga every saturday night. Listen live or join the chatroom. See the website for details.

Rocket Science-Brain Surgeons NYC
Frost Glance-Beyond The Storm
The Valley-Dan Sheehan Conspiracy
Show Me Something Better-AbbottFinney
Justin Hopkins Shameless Bit-Shameless Plug Cast
Why Would Got-Justin Hopkins
Final Dissonance-Autumn Leaves
World Is Ending-Brookroyd Lane
Old-Fashioned-Career Club
Pimp My Life-The Crash moderns
This Letter Bomb-Echo Screen
Winning Is Everything-Ionia
Caught Down-Jimmies Chicken Shack

Hollow Pages

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In Show
8Jul 08

All the way from Cleveland,TN to your ears,it’s buding young band Hollow Pages. Join us to see where they’ve been,where they’re at and where they’re going. Recorded live on FM Radio Station WAAK in Ringgold,GA

Hollow Pages

In Show
2Jul 08

I am going to a Tuesday release Instead of Monday because of Network conflicts,so starting Tuesday July 8 2008 your new Indie Radio Chattanooga Episodes will be released. It will feature Hollow Pages from he interview we did on the FM Radio Side. So Be sure to check it out and in the mean time catchup with me on twitter at

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