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31Mar 08

On Ustream Come Chat with us!!!

Beyond Therapy

In Show
30Mar 08





Jeff Healey Promo



Europa-The Ground-

Graveyard-Thin Line-  


Jones Deviation-Not Alone-

Long Time Dead-Scars-  


Ravenland-Soul Moon-  


Smash Corps-Be Somebody-

Sheri Miller Show 43

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23Mar 08

Sheri Miller stopped by and we discussed her new album,music videos and guilty pleasures! So be sure to not miss this episode!


In Show
19Mar 08 live Sunday march 23rd at 5:30 ESTMy American Heart

Here is my banner!!!!

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19Mar 08

This is my Banner,It’d be cool if you want to show your support and place it on your site!!!!   Here is the code:This is my Banner,It’d be cool if you want to show your support and place it on your site!!!! <a href=””><em><img src=”” /> </em></a>  

Now with Syndication Action

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16Mar 08

Baybee Invincible-xray eyes
Bialetti-Please Vanilla
Robot40 Promo
Brother Love-Soccer Girl
Dead Hot BLonde Come On
Downstream -Of The World
H-Beam Bang
Haven-On My Own
Hypno-Wheel-Crack The Sky
Outlaw Punk Promo
Transisitor Rodeo Promo

Sheri Miller

Rock and Tech

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10Mar 08

Say What You Will-Black Label Society
Strip Rock and Roll-Asphalt Valentine
Pay Attention-Independent Stream Plug
Powers-Dead Rites
Before You Get Too Deep-Dog and Pony Show
Haze-John Wilkes Booth
Penjilat-The Jones
The Unknown-Sum Ever After
Are you Happy now-Tomorrow
YesMy Old Friends-The Dogs

Background music provided by Nine Inch Nails

Robert from The Juice60 Podcast

The TLP Network

Hello to Beyond Therapy

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8Mar 08

from Indie Radio Chattanooga,I’d like to thank Beyond Therapy for being the newest band on Indie Radio Chattanooga! I’m sure an interview wil follow very shortly,so stay tuned!

Beyond Therapy

Telling On Trixie

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2Mar 08

Halfway Back To Sane
Dumb Boy
Circles In The Sky
Twisted In Knots
Angels Fall
Devil’s Best Friend

Telling on Trixie on RoadRules/Real World: Gauntlet III
Feb 21, 2008
Halfway Back to Sane is playing after Beth and Coral go head to head on Episode 5 of Gaunlet III: “Match-Up of the Century” on MTV. Check your listings or click the pick to hear us on
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